“Please stop it…” GOT7 Youngjae warned sasaeng fans not to cross the line

GOT7 member Youngjae has given warning to his sasaeng fans not to contact him using his personal contact.

On November 1st, Youngjae posted a picture on Instagram, saying “I hate this so please stop. I said everybody please stop. Don’t you understand that?”

Also “I don’t have enough time to sleep. Are you happy? If people you don’t know keep on contacting you? I don’t want to listen, even if they are nice words. From now on, I will upload screencaps like this. Don’t make my instagram full of messages, please.”

In the picture Youngjae posted, a person he does not know has contacted him, talking about sasaeng fans. However, this person is clearly a sasaeng fan to have contacted him like this!

On another note, Youngjae a long with other GOT7 members released the track “Lullaby” last September.

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