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Eli from U-Kiss, “Actually, I became an idol because my parents told me to”

Eli, a former member of the idol group U-Kiss, confessed that his singing career did not start with his will.

TV Chosun’s “We Got Divorced 2″ aired on the 27th depicts Eli and Ji Yeon-soo visiting Dr. Kim Byung-hoo, a psychiatrist, for counseling.

U-kiss Eli

Previously, Eli said that he was in a difficult situation because of the conflict between his wife and his mother. It was even reported that Eli’s parents were the reason for the divorce of the two, causing regret.

On this day, Eli answered Dr. Kim’s question about difficulties in his relationship with his wife, saying, “I’m having a hard time due to the conflict between in-laws. My wife only asks for sympathy, but I am exhausted because I have been doing the same thing over and over again for 10 years. I still don’t know who to believe.”

U-kiss Eli

Dr. Kim, who was listening to the story behind the conflict between in-laws, asked about Eli’s relationship with his parents.

In response, Eli explained his parents’ personality, saying “To me, my father always thinks what he says is right and my mother is quite stubborn. They believe they are right in everything”

U-kiss Eli

Eli confessed that he had a hard childhood because of his stubborn parents. He shared, “When I was 15 years old, I suffered a hard time when studying in China because of my father”, adding, “I didn’t become an idol at my wish. I had never had that dream and only lived as my parents told me to”

Upon hearing this, Dr. Kim said, “I think they are parents who consider their wish more important than their son’s. Many parents don’t listen to what their sons want to do. If their parents did it to them, they might possibly do the same to their wives”, showing sympathy for Ji Yeon-soo.

Eli said, “But she (his wife) went a little too far with her words”, referring to his wife’s position;

U-kiss Eli

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon-soo and Eli overcame their huge age gap of 11 years to get married in 2014. The two had a son named Min-soo but divorced in November 2020.

U-kiss Eli

They recently appeared on TV Chosun’s “We Got Divorced 2” to solve their past conflicts. 

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