Alleged Photos of SM New Boy Group RIIZE’s Seunghan Kissing Ex-Girlfriend Spread Online

RIIZE’s Seunghan comes under controversy over intimate photos suspected to be of him with his ex-girlfriend.

Seunghan from SM Entertainment’s highly anticipated rookie boy group RIIZE has found himself embroiled in a controversy. Suspicions have arisen regarding Seunghan’s involvement in bringing his ex-girlfriend, who was allegedly underage at the time, into a motel.

riize seunghan

Netizens have been abuzz with discussions over the authenticity of the intimate photos that have surfaced. These photos depict Seunghan and his alleged ex-girlfriend during their dates. In particular, one photo shows the two kissing in bed.

Adding fuel to the fire is the rumor that the ex-girlfriend in question might not have been of legal age during the time when the photos were taken. This has intensified concerns about the appropriateness of Seunghan’s actions.

riize seunghan

Despite the widespread attention and speculation surrounding these photos, SM Entertainment has remained silent on the matter. Fans are eagerly awaiting an official response from the company.

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