The visual of “Yoon Park’s fiancé” model Kim Soo Bin draws netizens’ attention

Actor Yoon Park announced his marriage with YG K Plus’s model Kim Soo Bin and received congratulations from the public.

On May 3rd, Yoon Park announced his marriage by posting a handwritten letter on his Instagram. He said, “I promised to spend the rest of my life with my lover and marry her this autumn”, adding “Throughout the time we spent together, she gave me trust and love. Please give us blessings so that we can build a happy family. I will also continue to show better performances as an actor”.


Earlier on the same day, K Plus Holdings (YG K Plus), the agency of model Kim Soo Bin, also released an announcement, saying “Kim Soo Bin is Yoon Park’s fiancé. The two have been dating for a long time. Their wedding will be held on September 2nd”.

After Yoon Park’s marriage news was reported, netizens immediately looked for information about his bride-to-be Kim Soo Bin. In particular, some people went to Kim Soo Bin’s personal Instagram account and left comments, such as “Are you Yoon Park’s fiancé?”, “Congratulations on your marriage with Yoon Park”, “I hope you two live a happy life!”, etc.


Born in 1993, Kim Soo Bin is a model under K Plus Holdings. As Yoon Park was born in 1987, the two’s age difference is six years. She shot pictorials for the beauty brand Clio in 2016 and has been modeled for various magazines and runways.


In particular, Kim Soo Bin attended the 2023 SS/FW HiSeoul Fashion Show held at DDP Fashion Mall’s Creative Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul on March 15th and showed off her outstanding beauty.

Source: Wikitree

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