A plastic surgeon’s controversial analysis on BLACKPINK’s beauty: Only one member is natural, Lisa had the most surgery?

According to the analysis of a plastic surgeon, Jisoo is the member with completely natural beauty in BLACKPINK, while Lisa is the member who had the most work done on her face. 

In Kpop currently, BLACKPINK is one of the most popular groups, so every topic about them becomes everyone’s interest. In particular, the visuals of YG girlgroup members often become a controversial topic on Kpop forums. Many people think that girls have had plastic surgery, but there are also people who believe that they are naturally pretty. Most recently, a plastic surgeon analyzed the faces of the BLACKPINK members.


Since debut, Jisoo has been famous for her gentle, pure beauty.  As soon as the surgeon saw Jisoo’s face, she “fell for” her beauty. The expert said: “Wow, she is breathtakingly beautiful, and has such an elegant aura. Judging from her photos and those of her siblings, she is a natural beauty.” This is not the first time BLACKPINK’s oldest member is praised by a plastic surgeon.


In BLACKPINK, Jennie is the member with one of largest fanbases.  Different from the innocent and gentle look of other female idols, Jennie has a sexy, fierce beauty, impressing others right at first glance.  The surgeon did not mention that Jennie had plastic surgery.

 Instead, she paid attention to the female singer’s skin. She commented, “Unbelievable! what attractive cat eyes she has! She is definitely a natural beauty. The only thing that has changed is her skin tone, she seems fairer. But both tan and fair skin are pretty… I like the sassy Asian-American vibes she gives off!


When she debuted, Rosé used to be considered one of the less outstanding members in the group. However, over time, she’s getting more and more beautiful, her visual is recognized by many people.

The plastic surgeon said Rosé probably had a minor surgery.  “Rosé is a very beautiful girl, with such calm and royal visuals. I don’t think she has had plastic surgery, except for blepharoplasty, which is a very common surgery in Korea. It corrects saggy eyelids or monolids to make the eyes bigger and removes encroaching tissue from the corners”, the expert revealed.


Previously, there were a lot of rumors about Lisa getting plastic surgery, she did not speak up to admit or deny those rumors, making netizens discuss it more.  According to this surgeon, the youngest member BLACKPINK has had work done on her face.

The expert said: “It is difficult to say but Lisa certainly had plastic surgery. She surely had rhinoplasty. Her nose used to be flat, wide, and round but now she has a cute, upturned, and thin nose. You can definitely see the change in her nose if you compare different photos of her when she smiles. 

She also has had lip fillers, not to make them super filled but to make them smooth and plump and you can definitely see that when she slightly smiles, her lips become uneven and some parts become more bulbous than the other parts. It looks like she has some mini marbles in some parts of her lips if you know what I mean. And that’s the proof that someone has had lip fillers. She has also bleached her skin and uses double eyelid tape because her double eyelids are always placed in different places. She is doing her procedures slowly so that no one notices.”

Regarding these claims, there are many mixed opinions on social media.  BLACKPINK also has not commented on the surgeon’s statement.

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