“Perfect skills + personality” 3 things to learn from BTS Jimin

A video of a career aptitude specialist analyzing BTS Jimin’s personality traits has garnered attention. Korean career aptitude expert Kim Jin introduced 3 key strengths of Jimin.

Firstly, he categorized Jimin as a “Creative” person, noting his sensitivity in vocal delivery, clear diction and unique technique. Kim Jin highlighted that Jimin’s exceptional singing and distinctive tone contribute to BTS’ distinctive sound, describing him as “Intro Fairy” due to these qualities.

Secondly, Jimin was described as an “Athletic” person, with a notable talent for dance. He is praised for not only executing fast and powerful dance moves but also delicate ones. Kim Jin emphasized that Jimin did not just come to perform dances on stage; he came for art, having reached the pinnacle of artistic expression.

bts jimin

Jimin’s remarkable dance talent is attributed to both genetic factors and his relentless effort, staying up late to practice during his trainee days.

Jimin’s ability to harmonize these two talents results in charisma that captivates audiences on stage, while displaying a gentle and considerate side offstage due to his “Analytical” personality trait.

Another video discusses Jimin’s consistent charitable contributions, emphasizing that practicing philanthropy is not easy even with wealth and fame. Jimin’s high level of focus and dedication is also praised, as these traits contribute to his outstanding charisma on stage.

Source: Nate

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