Lotte Confectionery unveils new advertisement for Ghana Chocolate featuring Jun Ji Hyun

Lotte Confectionery presents a Ghana Chocolate advertisement featuring Jun Ji Hyun as a model.

Lotte Confectionery released the advertisement “Dessert Moment with Ghana”, which contains the content that Ghana Chocolate will be reborn as a premium dessert. Jun Ji Hyun, who has been working as a Lotte Confectionery model for 2 consecutive years following last year, appears.

Lotte Confectionery selected Jun Ji Hyun as an advertising model, judging that she has a high preference with women in their 20s and 30s, who are main customers of chocolate, and that her sophisticated and luxurious image suits Ghana Chocolate.

jun ji hyun lotte ghana

In this advertisement, Jun Ji Hyun showed off her unique sensuous atmosphere while spending her own leisurely time among busy people. The advertisement will be broadcast on TV concurrently with online channels such as YouTube from today.

Lotte Confectionery plans to solidify its position as a “dessert” by carrying out various marketing activities to widely promote the new concept “premium dessert brand Ghana” to consumers.

jun ji hyun lotte ghana

Source: Nate

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