“Reborn Rich” Tiffany Young, “Song Joong Ki carried the reflector for my individual shot. I was touched by his leadership”

Tiffany Young, actress and Girls’ Generation member, talked about working with Song Joong Ki and Park Hyuk Kwon in “Reborn Rich”.

Tiffany Young had an interview with Newsen in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Dec 28th about JTBC’s Friday-Saturday series “Reborn Rich”, which ended on Dec 25th. According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode (episode 16) recorded a nationwide viewer rating peak of 26.948%.

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In the drama, Tiffany Young played the role of Rachel, a Korean-American analyst at Miracle Investment. This character is an assistant for Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) together with Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon). With her impressive fluent English lines, Tiffany Young successfully caught viewers’ attention as a scene-stealer. 

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During the interview, Tiffany Young said, “Miracle team looked calm, but we were actually a team of mischievous and playful people. I learned many things from them.”

She continued, “Our major shareholder Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) has strong leadership. Park Hyuk Kwon is cool, but every word he says is surprisingly funny”, adding “What impressed me is that they tend to express in actions rather than words. They took good care of me as I’m a rookie, but treated me like a professional actress. That’s why I was able to become the responsible and cool woman Rachel.”

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Tiffany Young especially emphasized Song Joong Ki’s leadership, saying “He always hoped everyone could appear prettily on the screen. I was really touched by that. I was the only woman in the Miracle team. Every time I had an individual shot, he appeared with a reflector and helped me with my acting. He always said, ‘Rachel, just do whatever you want’. The atmosphere on the set was really comfortable.”

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She continued, “Park Hyuk Kwon sunbaenim is still using a 2G phone. I wanted to make a group chat room but couldn’t. Every time we talked, I had to copy the same message and sent it to him separately”, drawing laughter. She added, “We ate together and rested together on the set as if we were really working in the same company. He created a friendly atmosphere by asking me various questions about my daily life.”

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Source: Nate

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