Tiffany Young makes K-drama debut as Song Joong Ki’s assistant in “Reborn Rich”

SNSD member Tiffany Young successfully played her first K-drama role with an appearance in “Reborn Rich”.

In episode 3 of the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”, which aired on November 20th, Tiffany Young assumed the role of Rachel, the assistant of Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki). 

On this day’s broadcast, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) became the top performer at the Seoul National University’s law school and used his spare time to follow his father Jin Yoon Ki (Kim Young Jae), who runs a film company, to the New York Film Market.

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Jin Do Joon, who went to New York, encouraged Jin Yoon Ki not only to distribute the movie “Titanic”, but also to pay for the production and participate in it himself. He made the decision based on his knowledge that “Titanic” would be a worldwide box office hit. 

At the same time, Jin Do Joon’s partner, Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon), visited the New York Film Market with his right-hand man Rachel. Oh Se Hyun decided to invest 10 million USD in “Titanic”, to which Rachel asked in disbelief, “Ten million dollars? I’d rather throw the money on the floor. And DiCaprio? Who is that guy doing the acting? Can a blockbuster without a single star actor really succeed?”

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Tiffany Young, who made her first positive debut in this work, boasted a natural acting performance with her fluent English skills. Her extraordinary chemistry while arguing with her boss Park Hyuk Kwon is also interesting. 

Director Jeong Dae Yoon of “Reborn Rich” praised Tiffany Young’s acting, saying, “I liked the serious yet comical acting of Tiffany Young, a rookie actor who gets entangled with actor Song Joong Ki.” 

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Viewers also showed favorable reviews and left comments such as “As expected from Tiffany. Her English lines are good”, “At first, I didn’t know it was Tiffany. I thought she was a new actor”, and “She works well with actor Park Hyuk Kwon”. 

Meanwhile, Tiffany Young’s role Rachel is Oh Se Hyun’s (Park Hyuk Kwon) right-hand man and a Korean-American “miracle analyst”. She sees all things in the world as objects of investment, likes to set values ​​and prices, and is a person with cool judgment. 

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“Reborn Rich” recorded viewership ratings of 6.058% for the 1st episode, 8.845% for the 2nd episode, and 10.826% for the 3rd episode, breaking through the 10% bench mark in just three episodes.

Source: daum

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