Not BLACKPINK, it’s the only Kpop girl group that all 4 members have sold 50,000 copies for their solo albums

All 4 members of this girl group have made their solo debuts, and they all sold more than 50,000 copies for their solo albums.

MAMAMOO is a girl group with 4 members, all famous for their amazing vocals. The group is very special as all of the members have had their solo debut and were all very successful. This fact is very rare in Kpop. Recently, MAMAMOO has marked their name in KPop’s history for being the first and only girl group that all the members have their solo albums surpassing 50,000 copies on Hanteo.

Wheein is the first member of the group to have her solo comeback in the first half of 2021. Her first mini-album “Redd” has sold 50,314 copies since the album was released on April 13th and the sales are predicted to keep increasing. Thanks to “Redd”, Wheein leveled the score with her three sisters in the group – who all sold more than 50,000 copies as a soloist.


Before Wheein, Moonbyul’s mini-album “Dark Side Of The Moon” sold 74,779 copies. The leader of the group – Solar also sold 79.643 disks with the single “Spit It Out”. Hwasa – MAMAMOO’s maknae’s mini-album “Maria” is also very successful with 60,627 copies being sold.


MAMAMOO made the record for having all members’ solo albums selling more than 50,000 copies. In addition, all 4 girls are also in the top 20 female solo singers with the highest first-week album sales on Hanteo. Specifically, Solar and Moonbyul ranked 8th and 9th, Wheein and Hwasa took 12th and 13th place. This shows that MAMAMOO not only achieves their success as a group but as solo artists, the members as a soloist are also very successful.


  1. -R- – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 448.086 copies
  2. LILAC – IU: 278.414 copies
  3. Love Poem – IU: 147.856 copies
  4. Purpose – Taeyeon (SNSD): 132.818 copies
  5. Like Water – Wendy (Red Velvet): 116.696 copies
  6. What Do I Call You – Taeyeon (SNSD): 87.299 copies
  7. My Voice – Taeyeon (SNSD): 86.906 copies
  8. Spit It Out – Solar (MAMAMOO): 73.126 copies
  9. Dark Side Of The Moon – Moonbyul (MAMAMOO): 66.047 copies
  10. Why – Taeyeon (SNSD): 55.810 copies
  11. I – Taeyeon (SNSD): 54.667 copies
  12. Redd – Wheein (MAMAMOO): 49.329 copies
  13. Maria – Hwasa (MAMAMOO): 48.775 copies
  14. Something New – Taeyeon (SNSD): 42.152 copies
  15. With Love, J – Jessica: 42.103 copies
  16. I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany (SNSD): 38.600 copies
  17. This Christmas – Taeyeon (SNSD): 38.000 copies
  18. Hurricane Venus – BoA: 37.700 copies
  19. A Walk To Remember – YoonA (SNSD): 35.894 copies
  20. My Voice (Deluxe) – Taeyeon (SNSD): 34.200 copies

Source: K14

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