People all around the world are asking to buy the car with BTS V’s handprint on it

U.S. anchor Cher Calvin, who accidentally watched BTS perform right in front of her on Nov 23rd, said inquiries are flooding from all over the world asking to buy her cars. 

On Nov 23rd (local time), KTLA News anchor Cher Calvin (47) in Los Angeles uploaded a video of her lucky moment on Instagram. On this day, BTS participated in a recording of the famous American talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the filming location was none other than a crosswalk in front of the broadcasting station.

BTS Butter on LA street

Drivers who were waiting for the signal got the luck of watching BTS perform in the first row, and the biggest luck of them went to anchor Cher Calvin. BTS, who were performing “Butter”, touched Calvin’s car hood in the middle of their stage and winked.

In the video, Calvin can only repeat exclamations such as “Unbelievable” and “You won’t believe this.” After the filming, Calvin released a video of how she felt watching the BTS performance right in front of her, in “front row”. Calvin boasted a clear trace of V’s hand on her car hood, saying, “The traces of V’s hand were stamped on my car.”

BTS Butter on LA street
The car bonnet with a handprint left by BTS V during the performance. 

In response, people commented, “If that was my car, I would have never washed the car,” “I’m so jealous I might go crazy,” and “I’ll send the money right away, so sell me your car.” Calvin also reported that “many people are proposing to buy my car.”

Meanwhile, BTS was nominated for the Grammy Award, the most prestigious music award in the United States, in the category for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”. BTS achieved a milestone in their career after staying for 10 weeks on the Billboard single chart Hot 100 with “Butter” this year.


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