So Ji Sub explains why he opened an SNS account, “I want to be fun rather than cool”

Actor So Ji Sub revealed the reason why he decided to start using SNS and break his “mysterious” image. 

Earlier this year, famous actor So Ji Sub, who was known for not disclosing his private life, drew attention by opening an SNS account where he communicates with fans in a friendly manner. 

so ji sub

Recently, in a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, So Ji Sub expressed his will to have fun once he started using SNS.

On this day, the actor said, “I created it because of fans. Haven’t I been blunt and boring so far? If I don’t have any project, I don’t show up at all, and looking back, I feel sorry for the fans.”

So Ji Sub

He then added, “I’m not good enough even now. But I think it would be fun to share things with fans, who can see me through SNS. They can also recall memories by looking at the photos, and like the posts for a long time.”

Finally, So Ji Sub concluded, “I want to be fun rather than cool. I thought it would be easier to post strange photos, but it’s harder than I thought.”

so ji sub nana confession

On the other hand, So Ji Sub recently returned to the big screen with the movie “Confession”. Here, he assumes the role of Yoo Min Ho, the CEO of an IT company who became a suspect in a murder case. He ended up working with Yang Shin Ae (Kim Yun Jin), a lawyer who has yet to lose any case in her career. 

Source: Nate

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