BTS on “James Corden Show”: Heating up with Crosswalk – Hanok concert, James Corden’s apology

BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook) showed up at a talk show in the U.S in person for the first time after 2 years.

BTS appeared on CBS’s famous talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on November 23rd (KST).

During the broadcast, BTS members had a face-to-face interview with host James Corden for the first time after 2 years and performed “Permission to Dance”. In addition, special behind-the-scenes footage of an outdoor filming, which had not been disclosed on SNS, was expected to be revealed on the show as an additional section of “James Corden Show”.

BTS on LA streets? Their crosswalk concert is becoming a hot topic 

“James Corden Show” held a “crosswalk” concert for BTS on the morning of November 23rd on the road near CBS Studio. This corner became famous after the appearance of Harry Styles and the cast of “Aladdin”. Within the short period of 30 seconds when the red light of the actual roads are turned on, the artists have to run over to the crosswalk and hold a guerrilla concert in front of stopped vehicles.

BTS on James Corden show

BTS performed a number of hits such as “Butter,” “Dynamite,” and “Permission to Dance.” Their videos and photos quickly spread around the world on SNS. Drivers who suddenly encountered BTS’s performance enjoyed their pleasant stage and posted their videos, adding to expectations for the main broadcast.

James Corden’s apology. RM’s brilliant wit.

In the actual broadcast, only BTS and James Corden‘s indoor studio interview and the “Permission to Dance” stage sung in the studio were broadcasted. In the midst of a pandemic caused by COVID-19, BTS has appeared on James Corden’s show several times through video and video interviews before. Now they finally met again for the first time in two years and greeted each other with joy. “Papa Mochi” also congratulated the group for the Grammy nomination, which was announced on the same day.

RM then drew attention by hitting a heavy straight ball. RM asked James Corden, “You have been in some hot water with the ARMYs, are you alright?” Previously, in September, James Corden joked about BTS’s speech and performance at the UN, saying, “Historic moment. It actually marks the first time 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing they were Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres,” which resulted in him being heavily criticized by BTS’s fans. In the recent episode of the show, he indirectly mentioned that there was a big war online and said it was just a harmless joke, adding, “I’m 43-year-old and I consider myself the biggest BTS fan. “I’ve never been on that side of the ARMY before,” he explained again.

bts rm

RM said, “We appreciate your apology. I just wanted to clear up the situation.” James Corden, who praised the fandom by mentioning ARMY’s great influence and donations, listed good news one after another such as BTS’s Grammy nomination, three AMA awards and SoFi Stadium concert tickets sold out in presale. He also expressed his gratitude, “Thank you for visiting our studio again. Every time you come here, you make all the staff and the audience feel good.”

“Permission To Dance” in front of Hanok

The “Permission To Dance” performance resonated in front of a background video depicting Hanok. The stage’s concept, which featured a journey from Seoul, Korea to Los Angeles, USA, created a hopeful atmosphere by announcing the end of the pandemic situation while BTS once again announced the beauty of Korea to the world.

BTS is scheduled to hold a solo concert on Nov 27th and 28th as well as Dec 1st and 2nd at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, USA. As it is the first face-to-face concert in 2 years, this concert, where fans and BTS meet again, is attracting a lot of attention.

BTS on James Corden show
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