Amid scandal, netizens are partying at the “#YGisOverParty”

Antifans of Yang Hyun Suk are now…celebrating.

In the afternoon of June 14th, the whole K-Pop community is shocked by the news that Yang Hyun Suk resigned from YG Entertainment and withdrawed from all activity of the agency. His brother, CEO Yang Min Suk, also did the same thing. This is the result of a string of scandals from the beginning of this year to now which peaked after B.I’s – iKON’s leader – drug situation happened.

Amid scandal, netizens are partying at the “#YGisOverParty”

Seeing this shocking information, netizens are showing split opinions. Many pity for Yang Hyun Suk, the one who has created many talented artists and groups like BIG BANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi, WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK,…However, the others said that it was Yang himself who destroyed his own legacy of 20 years.

Amid scandal, netizens are partying at the “#YGisOverParty”

Before this, Yang Hyun Suk was admired by many fans due to his talent in scouting and training artists. As his agency grows bigger, his motive slowly changed. He has been criticized many time for being cold to artists who could no longer benefit his company. Apart from this, Yang has a lot of anti-fan for his media play which excessively praises his artists, or delaying comebacks, or his favouritism between his artists.

On Twitter, netizens are trending the hashtag #YGisOverParty. Many are expressing an urgent wish that their favourite idols should leave YG as soon as possible. They are also debating who would be the next character to replace the Yang brothers’ positions. Some of the mst mentioned names are Hwang Bo Kyung (CFO), Choi Sung Jun (CEO), Hae Min (Business Development Manager) and Sean Kim (CPO, Jinusean’s member).

Amid scandal, netizens are partying at the “#YGisOverParty”
YG’s stock price from January 2019 to now.

YG stock price, at the moment, is still diving without any sign of resurrection. Compared to the highest point in January, YG’s stock prices has declined 40%. If YG cannot revive itself on the stock market before October 2019, this agency might have to say goodbye to their main foreign stockholder which is LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). If that happen, YG will have to return to LVMH a total of 61 billion won plus interest.

Sources: iOne

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