“Penthouse Ha Eun Byul” – Choi Ye Bin reappeared with a completely different look in new drama

Penthouse’s Choi Ye Bin has now reappeared in “It’s Beautiful Now”

Choi Ye Bin is a rookie girl who changed her life thanks to the blockbuster series Penthouse. Currently, Choi Ye Bin is also a rare Penthouse star who has returned to the screen. Not inferior to previous blockbusters, this time, she re-appeared in It’s Beautiful Now, the drama that reached a rating of 24% right in the first episode.

In the new drama, Choi Ye Bin plays Na Yu Na, 25 years old, the eldest daughter in a middle-class family. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. Currently, she is working hard at a baking academy and also has a part-time job as a courier. Yu Na has a close relationship with the male lead Soo Jae (Seo Bun June) – a part-time employee of the delivery service.

It's Beautiful Now

No longer the daughter of a super-rich family like in Penthouse, Choi Ye Bin appeared with a very simple image in It’s Beautiful Now. However, the appearance of the female rookie is still beautiful and radiant. In particular, after Penthouse, Choi Ye Bin has improved a lot in acting skills.

It's Beautiful Now

It’s Beautiful Now revolves around Mr. Lee Kyung Cheol‘s family with 3 grandsons aged 27 – 36 – 39, who have no intention of getting married. Because of this, Mr. Lee has vowed to give a house to one of his grandsons who gets married within the next 6 months.

It's Beautiful Now
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