The relationship between Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Min Gyu in “Business Proposal” is much more than just boss and secretary

The latest episode of “Business Proposal” gives more details on the history between Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Min Gyu’s characters. 

With only two episodes left, “Business Proposal” remains one of the most popular dramas that are currently on air. In addition to the two leading couples that are loved by many viewers, Tae Moo – Ha Ri and Sung Hoon – Young Seo, the special relationship of Tae Moo and Sung Hoon also draws keen attention. 

In episode 9, when Young Seo (Seol In Ah) finds out that Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) goes to see her cousin Yoo Jung on a blind date instead of Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), she gets mad at him and says, “You ignored me and blindly did what Kang Tae Moo told you to. Are you that family’s servant?” However, what Young Seo doesn’t know is that Tae Moo means more to Sung Hoon than a boss. He is Sung Hoon‘s family and someone Sung Hoon sees as his brother.

From the first episodes, it is not difficult to realize that what is going on between Sung Hoon and Tae Moo is not just work and an ordinary relationship between a CEO and his secretary. There are feelings between them that don’t need to be expressed because they are like family members. Just by looking at each other’s faces, without saying anything, the two can understand what the other is thinking.

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Sung Hoon is an orphan. He was living at an orphanage that Tae Moo‘s family often visited. Later, Sung Hoon was adopted by Tae Moo’s grandfather and became a member of the Kang family. Tae Moo and Sung Hoon both lost their parents at a young age, so there is always sympathy and understanding between them.

A Business Proposal

Grandpa Kang always sees Sung Hoon as his grandson, raising and taking care of him wholeheartedly. Even when Sung Hoon has grown up and moved out, grandpa Kang still keeps his room and often calls him home to have meals together. Grandpa also uses a photo of him with both Tae Moo and Sung Hoon as his wallpaper.

For Tae Moo, Sung Hoon is not only a reliable secretary but also a younger brother and a close friend whom he treasures. Tae Moo understands all of Sung Hoon’s thoughts and concerns. If there is something unusual about Sung Hoon, like when he is hiding something, Tae Moo will notice it right away. The two often open up to each other and share their stories about life and love. They do not need to use many words to explain their precious relationship because they are inherently family. 

A Business Proposal

Watch the final episodes of “Business Proposal” next Monday and Tuesday on SBS and Netflix.

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