Park Yoo Chun’s ex-girlfriend revealed that a star drugged her while sleeping

Recently, the Seoul police reopened the case of using and trafficking drugs by Hwang Hana, a young lady of a famous wealthy man. She was engaged to the male singer Park Yoo Chun (JYJ) in 2017 but canceled her marriage in 2018. In 2015, she was accused of selling 0.5g of cocaine to a student and also using it herself but the prosecutor abolished the accusation for lack of evidence. On April 4, she was arrested after repeatedly ignoring police summons.

Hwang Hana is under investigation for drug use and trafficking charges.

On the evening of April 6, SBS‘s 8 O’Clock News report revealed that during the investigation, Hwang Hana acknowledged the use of banned substances in 2015. However, she revealed that she had stopped taking drugs for a while. She only used it again in 2018 “according to the invitation of a famous star-friend”. Accordingly, Hwang claimed that this star is A, taking advantage of her when she was sleeping and forcing her to take medicine.

Park Yoo Chun's exgirlfriend revealed that a star drugged her while sleeping

Some netizens also claim that Hwang Hana‘s case may involve the scandals at Burning Sun. Police received some accusations that Hwang used to buy drugs at Burning Sun. She was known as a familiar guest of this nightclub and she has posted photos of her group members with Seung Ri like Choi Jong Hoon and Lee Jong Hyun on social networks.

“Her famous friends are probably sitting on fire until a name is public. The entertainment industry must have a dozen drug users. Hwang Hana can lie to deny it but some part of the truth will show if the police pay an extra time to investigate, “said a comment on Naver.

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