Red Velvet Joy’s year-end visual transformation at the awards ceremony season

In cold winter, various music industries will hold awards ceremonies. It’s a day to award artists who have been performing with music that has been loved a lot during the year.

Red Velvet Joy shows off her high-profile appearance at the awards ceremony season. From cute visuals to sexy images, she did it perfectly.

In addition, fans are paying attention to what Joy will look like at the 2018 awards ceremony. Especially, fans’ expectations are growing as Joy has become more sexy with “RBB” recently.

Joy‘s year-end visual transition, shall we watch it together?

Joy has attracted a lot of attention since the first year-end awards ceremony. Red Velvet performed Park Ji Yoon’s “Adult Ceremony” at the 2014 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

REd Velvet joy

She was 19 years old at that time. Everybody was attracted by her sexy concept for the first time

Her long straight hair and body-sharp black dress made fans excited. Although she was the youngest at the time, she received rave reviews for her mature looks.

A year later, Joy showed another totally different charm. She’s back with a look like an Alpine girl at the 2015 Melon Music Awards.

Red Velvet Joy

Sit on her hair was a mint-colored ribbon, a full set along with her mint-colored dress. The outfit gave her the visual of a fairy from a childhood fairytale and a very fresh feeling of a 20-year-old lady.

In 2016, at the Melon Music Awards, Joy made her fans fall in love with a lovely wavy hairstyle and bang.

Red velvet joy

At the same time, the luxurious white dress, along with pearl earrings and elegant lace gloves gave her a more mature cutesy look.

But she wasn’t just an idol with a cute image. At the 2016 SAF Gayo Daejeon, Joy once again attracted attention as she showed a more mature image with her elegant black long dress. This was like a teaser for the awards ceremony the year after.

Red Velvet Joy

And this is Joy at the most recent awards ceremony, 2017 MAMA. She showed off her perfect figure with her colorful red sparkle mini-dress.

Red Velvet Joy

The dark red lip point makeup and sexy black hairstyle also caught the attention of fans as well as many viewers.

At that time, because of these pictures that Joy got the nickname ‘End-of-year Joy.’ We wonder with what kind of visual is she going to get netizens to fall for her again at the end of this year?

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