Park Seo Joon risked it all to promote “Dream”, even transformed into a princess?

Wearing a tiara and princess earrings, Park Seo Joon makes fans laugh with his new image while promoting the movie “Dream”.

After 2 years of preparation, the movie “Dream” starring IU and Park Seo Joon, will finally hit the cinema. Prior to the film’s release, Park Seo Joon and the “Dream” crew participated in several programs for promotions.


On one talk show, Park Seo Joon made fans laugh due to his hilarious antics. In particular, to encourage the audience to watch “Dream”, Park Seo Joon did not hesitate to “transform” into a princess. The male lead of “Dream” readily wore shiny pink earrings, a tiara on his head, and even held a sparkly pink scepter, drawing huge attention from fans. Looking at the lengths Park Seo Joon went for the “Dream” promotion, fans even joked that he looked like a “friendly beauty queen”, who had just won a pageant competition.

Park Seo Joon became curious when he saw a box with the sparkling pink tiara and earrings
Fans laughed at the new adorable “princess” image of the actor

Below are some comments from fans regarding Park Seo Joon’s “princess” look:

  • Somehow this is reminding me about his character in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”
  • From now on, let’s call him “Princess Seo Joon”
  • He transformed from a gangly prince to a cute princess!
  • Park Seo Joon, did you just win a pageant?

Park Seo Joon’s normal “six-pack” image seems to have “gone with the wind”

Source: k14

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