Park Seo-joon Recalled Having Poor Family Background And Father’s Opposition Of Him Going Into Acting

Actor Park Seo-joon recalled his school days

On December 12th, a video titled “Our family member Seo-jun is coming” was posted on the YouTube channel “The Game Caterer.”

In this video, when asked about his hometown, Park Seo-joon replied, “I was born in Seoul, but I spent my school days in Incheon, and we moved a lot, so I don’t know where to call my hometown.” When asked why he moved a lot, he said, “My family’s situation was not good. We kept moving after the lease ended as the lease contract was two years.”

Recalling his school days, Park Seo-joon said, “I was a very normal student. I was a quiet, hard-to-see and shy student. I think that personality stayed until now,” surprising producer Na Young-seok.

When he was in middle school, he joined an animation club to overcome his introverted personality. “In a festival, we rented a community center to do costume play and act. We acted in front of about 1,500 students in the whole school, and I did it with my club friends. I was so nervous on stage but felt strange. I thought it would be nice to work in this field after that experience,” he said.

Park Seo-joon added, “Later, when I went to high school, I had some friends who went to an acting academy, and I followed them recklessly. My mother let me go to the acting academy without my father knowing. My father was very against it. I was scared, so I secretly went there.”

Source: StarNews

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