Park Seo-joon melted the hearts of female fans with his warm smile when looking at his manager’s son 

Park Seo-joon released a behind-the-scenes video of his photoshoot.

On March 21st, a video titled, “Heart Attack – The Youngest Guest Appears”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of actor Park Seo-joon.

In the video, Park Seo-joon arrived at the photoshoot filming set and came to meet a special guest. Seeing the cute baby customer, he smiled brightly.

Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon welcomed Dong-wook, his manager’s son. The actor was then seen showing a honey-dripping look at the little boy because of his fatal cuteness.

Dong-wook also responded with a bright smile when Park Seo-joon touched his cheek. The manager smiled and said, “He didn’t smile when others touched him”.

Park Seo-joon tried hugging Dong-wook, and successfully took a lovely two-shot photo with Dong-wook in his arms. The two’s visual chemistry fluttered the hearts of all subscribers.

Park Seo-joon

After that, Park Seo-joon’s photoshoot was released. The actor appeared in a neat suit and boasted his superior physique. He perfectly pulled off the pomade hairstyle and showed off his charming sculpture-like visual.

Immediately after the shoot, Park Seo-joon showed his professionalism by checking his performances again on the monitor. Born to be a celebrity, Park Seo-joon captivated female fans with his coolness.

After finishing the whole photoshoot, Park Seo-joon greeted his staff and left work. His friendly daily life moment made fans smile warmly.

Park Seo-joon

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon left for Hungary to film the movie “Dream”. “Dream” is a pleasant film depicting the life of soccer player Hong-dae, who faces the biggest crisis in his career, and special (?) players of the national team who touch the ball for the first time in their lives by challenging the Homeless World Cup. In this film, Park Seo-joon will play the role of soccer player Yoon Hong-dae, who is swept away by an unexpected event and receives a disciplinary provision.


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