An actress who was so busy that it took her 8 years to graduate from Yonsei University

Actress Park Gyu-young first stepped into the entertainment industry in 2016 through Jo Kwon’s music video “Crosswalk”. Since then, she has been active through web dramas and various works.

Park Gyu-young, a member of Yonsei University – Department of Clothing and Environment’s class ’13, was selected as the cover model for a college magazine in 2015 before her debut. She began her career in the entertainment industry after being contacted by JYP Entertainment.

Since then, Park Gyu-young has been busy appearing in at least 5 works a year. In the 2019 SBS historical drama “Nokdu Flower”, she gained attention thanks to her elegant beauty and acting skills.

And the following year 2020, she left a big impression as an actress with two works “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and “Sweet Home”. However, it must have been difficult to attend school normally due to her busy schedule.

Nevertheless, Park Gyu-young, who did not give up her studies and filled up her credits from time to time, is said to have been attending school even while appearing in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

Park Gyu-young finally graduated after 8 years of admission in February last year. At the same time as graduating, she took a step forward as an actress by starring in dramas “The Devil Judge” and “Dali and Cocky Prince”.

Actress Park Gyu-young, who is well-received for her acting that perfectly portrays unique characters in all the works she appears in, is busy with Netflix’s “Celebrity” and “Sweet Home” series, which will be released next year.

Source: daum

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