Park Narae’s boyfriend went to the bathroom while they were watching “Avatar” together and hasn’t returned in 10 years

Park Narae shared a sad story related to the movie “Avatar”.

On tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”, which aired on December 10th, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington, the lead actors of “Avatar 2”, appeared through a video, surprising everyone.

avatar park narae amazing saturday

Park Narae said, “‘Avatar 2’ came out too late,” and revealed her experience watching the first movie. She said bitterly, “I went to see ‘Avatar 1’ at the theater with my ex-boyfriend a long time ago. He said he went to the bathroom in the middle of the movie and hasn’t come back until now.”

park narae amazing saturday

She then drew laughter by saying, “At that time, I said let’s watch ‘Avatar 2’ together, but 10 years have passed. I think he will come back now.”

park narae amazing saturday

Saddened by Park Narae’s story, Boom said, “I hope you can get in touch soon. Every time I hear this story, I feel so sad.”

Source: wikitree

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