Park Myung Soo mentions IU and G-Dragon, “They don’t call me when singing our collaboration songs”

Park Myung Soo expressed his disappointment about IU and G-Dragon

During the broadcast, a listener asked Kim Se Jeong about inviting Park Myung Soo as a guest for her concert. Upon hearing the question, Kim Se Jeong turned to Park Myung Soo and asked, “Do you have available time next week?”. In response, Park Myung Soo bitterly said, “If I have time, I’ll go to your concert, I don’t really want to. Even IU doesn’t invite me”.

kim se jeong

He continued, IU doesn’t call me even when she sings ‘LEON’. G-Dragon also doesn’t call me when he sings ‘I Cheated’”. In fact, Park Myung Soo drew keen attention when he made these songs with IU and G-Dragon on “Infinite Challenge”.

Park Myung Soo then complained that IU and G-Dragon would remove his parts in the songs they sang with him and perform them. 

kim se jeong

Kim Se Jeong tried to soothe Park Myung Soo, saying “I think it’s because your presence in the song is too important”. Hearing that, Park Myung Soo smiled brightly again.

Park Myung Soo then asked Kim Se Jeong about how she selected drama scripts. The female singer shared, “I prefer works that help me learn new things or scripts with clear pictures that I can imagine as soon as I read them”, adding “I’m also reviewing new works and I want to challenge new things”.

Kim Se Jeong also mentioned her appearance on “Produce 101”, the survival program that helped her debut as an I.O.I member.

Source: Daum

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