Park Myung-soo Comments On Rumors Of Son Heung-min & Lee Kang-in Fight

Park Myung-soo mentioned the rumors of a fight between the players of the Korean national football team

On the February 16th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”, Park Myung-soo spent time communicating with radio listeners with special guest Jeon Min-ki. During the talk, the two brought up the rumors of discord within the Korean national football team that recently became a hot topic.

Park Myung-soo revealed his opinion, saying “It’s a sport involving people and physical contact. Emotional confrontations can also arise from that”. Park Myung-soo and Jeon Min-ki then criticized Klinsmann’s lack of leadership.

Jeon Min-ki said, “Coach Klinsmann said something he shouldn’t have said yesterday”, adding “Most of the coaches try to prevent fights within the team from being known to the public”. Park Myung-soo added, “Coach Klinsmann missed his last opportunity. At that time, all he needed to say was ‘I’m sorry’.”

Park Myung-soo angrily added, “Since he’s an overseas coach shouldn’t he get to know about what kind of coach the people of that country want? How could he run away like that the next day?”.  He continued, “Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be a coach when going to the US? If he were a Korean coach, he would have had better communication with the players”.

In response, Jeon Min-ki said, “This issue happens in any organization, and even within families. What’s important is the way to solve it”.

Source: Daum

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