“Are we that bad?”… Brave Girls ended up ranking last place for the second consecutive time in “Queendom 2”

Brave Girls eventually shed tears as they received the lowest ranking result for the second consecutive time.

In the broadcast of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on April 21st, Brave Girls came in last place in the second round, following the first round.

In the self-evaluation selected by the teams themselves after the second round, Brave Girls was chosen as “one rank below” by Hyolyn and VIVIZ.

brave girls

When Hyolyn pointed out that Brave Girls failed to show their team’s color well, they accepted the result but could not hide their disappointment, saying, “We think we were to focus on avoiding the last place”.

When it came to the global voting ranking, Yu-na sadly said, “We must look forward to the next score to be announced, but I don’t have any expectation for it”. As predicted, Brave Girls ranked 6th place in the global voting category, falling behind Hyolyn, who received the perfect score of 3,000 points, with a big gap of 2,150 points. Yu-na said, “I already predicted this result, but I still feel heartbreaking”.

brave girls

Brave Girls also ranked No.6 in the final ranking, which was announced after adding up on-site evaluation scores. Coming in last place (No.5) in the first round as LOONA gave up their performance due to members being diagnosed with Covid-19, Brave Girls continued to rank at the bottom with the lowest score in the second round.

brave girls

In the interview conducted with the production team, Min-young burst into tears as she confessed, “I’m happy that you made this competition for us to perform, but we received this low result right away. I’m also a human being, and this makes me feel so upset”.

In the waiting room, Yoo-jeong told the members, “Are we that bad? Did our performance have nothing to compliment?”. Min-young was worried about her members, saying, “I think we would be very depressed if we keep getting such upsetting results”.

brave girls

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