The surprising friendship of Jeon Somi and aespa Giselle: so close they hang out bare-faced!

Kpop fans are always enthusiastic about friendships between their favorite idols. 

At the end of 2021, many fans were pleasantly surprised after Somi published an Instagram story that showed her friend with aespa member Giselle. As famous idols of Kpop’s 4th generation, this unlikely friend got many people excited, especially as Somi shared that she was the one that asked for Giselle’s number.

somi giselle
Fans were pleasantly surprised about the friendship between Somi and Giselle
these pairs of YG and SM artists are close friends
The two female idols have a lot of close interactions

In fact, before they became friends, Giselle and Somi would express their love for each other’s songs. The two also work with the same choreography, so Somi jumped at the chance to meet a new friend. 

“I approached her first. After getting her number, we meet every day,” Somi confessed. 

Giselle did the XOXO challenge to support Somi 
Somi and Giselle performed the choreography of aespa’s new title “Girls” in a new show

Recently, Somi and Giselle appeared together on a TikTok show, where they disclosed interesting anecdotes about their friendship and communicated with fans. Here, Somi revealed that she and Giselle are so close that they’d hang out bare-faced, text each other until late at night, and stay in the bathroom for hours to film TikTok videos together. 

these pairs of YG and SM artists are close friends
Despite being competitors in the Kpop industry, Somi and Giselle boasts an admirable friendship

The two female idols would also visit each other’s homes, and their friendship is so cute that many fans hope for them to collaborate in future projects. 

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