4 scenes where you can feel that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki-young is a great boss 

Recently, interest in the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” starring actress Park Eun-bin is very high.

Aside from the story that conveys warm emotions, the actors’ character digestive power and outstanding acting skills are accelerating the drama’s popularity.

While the charm of all the characters in the work captivated viewers, many viewers are especially thrilled by “tsundere” words and actions of Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young), Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin)’s boss at Hanbada who secretly takes care of her in the drama.

extraordinary attorney woo

He seems to be always grumbling to Woo Young-woo on the outside, but he quietly helps Woo Young-woo from behind and leads his juniors as a senior at the company.

Let’s fall in love with the sweetness of Jung Myung-seok, who takes good care of Woo Young-woo to the point where he is called a “sub-dad” and instills romantic ideas about superior officers at work in numerous beginners in society.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

1. When Woo Young-woo could not stand trial, he decided not to stand trial together with her

Woo Young-woo was in charge of defending the case in which Kim Jeong-hoon (Moon Sang-hoon), who has autism spectrum disorder like her, got accused of murder of his brother. She was insulted by the prosecutor because she is a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder and could not properly claim Kim Jeong-hoon’s mental and physical weakness.

Later, when Woo Young-woo was unable to stand trial at the request of the defendant’s father, Jung Myung-seok visited the law firm’s CEO and asked her to persuade the defendant’s father. He felt that it was an obvious discrimination.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

However, when the situation did not go well, Jung Myung-seok did not hesitate to stand up for Woo Young-woo’s rights and decided not to stand trial together with her, moving viewers.

In addition, Jung Myung-seok endured the humiliation of having to ask courteously for a favor while yielding the case to his foe – attorney Jang Seung-jun (Choi Dae-hoon).

2. He pre-blocked a fellow lawyer who pointed at Woo Young-woo and tried to mock her

After Kim Jeong-hoon’s trial, Jung Myung-seok, who was leaving the court with Woo Young-woo, encountered Jang Seung-jun, who was in charge of the trial instead of him.

When Jang Seung-jun pretended to know Woo Young-woo by pointing at her, Jung Myung-seok quickly grabbed Jang Seung-jun’s finger and cut off Jang Seung-jun’s words, saying, “Thank you.”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

Jang Seung-jun was stunned by the action of Jung Myung-seok, who prevented him from pointing at Woo Young-woo.

Viewers were once again impressed by Jung Myung-seok’s kindness and sense to protect Woo Young-woo.

3. He intentionally did not approve Woo Young-woo’s resignation letter

Woo Young-woo eventually submitted a letter of resignation and left the company after experiencing a situation in which she could not properly defend the defendant because she has autism spectrum disorder.

However, team leader Jung Myung-seok, who recognized Woo Young-woo’s superior qualities as a lawyer, did not accept her resignation letter on purpose.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

Afterwards, Woo Young-woo tried to ask Jung Myung-seok to help Dong Dong-sam (Jung Seok-yong), her best friend Dong Geu-ra-mi (Joo Hyun-young)’s father, but Jung Myung-seok deliberately entrusted the case to Woo Young-woo.

It was a big picture of Jung Myung-seok trying to make Woo Young-woo come back to the law firm.

In the end, Woo Young-woo, who solved Dong Dong-sam’s case successfully, visited Jung Myung-seok to talk about returning to the company. Jung Myung-seok, who did not process Woo Young-woo’s resignation letter, willingly allowed her to go back to work.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Seeing Woo Young-woo leaving the office happily as she was able to go to work again, Jung Myung-seok made viewers flutter with his pleased smile.

4. He praised Woo Young-woo for smartly taking revenge on the opposing lawyer

Woo Young-woo, who stood in court in charge of Dong Dong-sam’s case, defended hard in an advantageous direction for Dong Dong-sam.

At this time, the opposing lawyer made a counterclaim, but Woo Young-woo responded coolly to the opposing lawyer by asking, “Do you have any evidence of that?”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

Earlier, the opposing lawyer lied first and put Dong Dong-sam’s side in a disadvantageous position. However, in response to Woo Young-woo’s rebuttal, the opposing lawyer showed a brazen attitude, saying, “Do you have any evidence?”

Woo Young-woo then took revenge in the same way as the opposing lawyer did, creating a sense of exhilaration.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Watching Woo Young-woo like this, Jung Myung-seok could not hide his pleased smile and complimented Woo Young-woo, “Good job.”

Woo Young-woo also showed a proud expression at Jung Myung-seok’s praise, exuding a warm atmosphere.

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