Suzy’s “Dream High” black history→lost weight in just 5 months

The show “Her comfortable life” sheds light on the chubby past of singer-actor Suzy.

KBS2’s cultural program “Her comfortable life” which aired on April 29th morning, introduced the top 5 stars who succeeded in their diet. KBS announcers such as Kim Bo-min, Lee Sun-young, Cho Soo-bin, Kim Min-jung, Lee Jae-sung and Yoon Soo-young indeed showed their skill of leading a talk show.

South Korea’s first love icon Suzy has been named at the No. 3 spot of “The most intense success in dieting of stars“. Suzy earned the nickname “Generous Suzy” for her chubby figure when she first tried acting with the drama “Dream High” in 2011. They also revealed that she didn’t gain weight on purpose.

Suzy said she didn’t have time to exercise because of her busy schedule, and confessed that she had to get her outfits one size bigger. In the end, Suzy, who had complained of stress due to her body, has slimmed down in just five months.

In fact, Suzy noted that she has completed her current figure with a thorough diet and dietary control.

Source: nate

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