Korean netizens point out one interesting similarity among K-rappers’ girlfriends (including Red Velvet’s Joy)

A popular post on Pann claims that Korean rappers usually have very pretty girlfriends.

A Korean netizen recently made a post on the online community Pann, indicating that Korean rappers all have attractive girlfriends. In the post, the OP also attached some photos of popular rappers with their girlfriends.

pann comment

The post has received 143,295 views, 563 agrees and 59 disagrees. Netizens are also flooding in with comments voicing their own opinions.

pann comment

The post is as follows:

Rappers’ girlfriends are all f***ing pretty

I’m so furious that all of them have a beauty by their side.

+ There’s no photo here, but I would add Sik-K and Kim Hee-jung, Kid Mill and Choi Min-yoon… ^^”

Netizens’ comments:

  • [+316, -305] Why is the OP so annoyed? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is unreasonable about a person dating someone who like them for their talent and attractiveness…
  • [+261, -31] What is so attractive about them?
  • [+158, -44] Why am I so angry at this? 
  • [+140, -20] What are you so angry at when they are dating someone they like?
  • [+127, -45] I hope pretty girls don’t date ugly guys.
  • [+110, -0] A lot of couples like this have broken though…^^

What is your opinion on this topic?


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