Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend Lee Da In officially announces her comeback with upcoming drama “Lovers”

Actress Lee Da In, who suddenly stopped acting after dating Lee Seung Gi, plans to return on the small screen after 3 years.

On January 26th, 9ATO Entertainment said, Lee Da In already confirmed her appearance in MBC’s new drama ‘Lovers’.”

MBC’s new drama “Lovers”, which is scheduled to air this year, depicts the love of a lover thrown into the fierce battle and stories of the people who miss and love each other during that time.

Lee Da-in

According to the agency, Lee Da In will play Kyung Eun Ae, a woman who is arranged to marry Nam Yeon Joon (Lee Hak Joo). Kyung Eun Ae is Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin)’s closest friend and the only wise and kind woman recognized by Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min). She has the strength and charms to protect her love for Nam Yeon Joon and have faith in life despite stormy days.

Lee Da-in

As Kyung Eun Ae has ties to the other three main characters, drama fans are raising high expectations for the story Lee Da In will tell. The perfect synchronization between Lee Da In, who is so well-loved for her elegant and pure image, and her character is also drawing attention.

Earlier, the media reported that Lee Da In would return to acting through MBC’s “Lovers” but the actress’s agency responded that she was “positively reviewing the casting offer”.

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Lee Da In has not released any new work since SBS’s drama “Alice” ended in 2020. Even after publicizing her romantic relationship with singer-actor Lee Seung Gi in 2021, the actress did not appear in any new acting project, raising fans’ curiosity.

As Lee Da In announced her return to the small screen for the first time in three years, attention is focused on her performance through the new work this time.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Lovers”, starring Lee Da In, will be introduced to viewers in 2023.

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