BTS RM reveals his bad eyesight, “I’ll give up on vision correction and just live like this…”

RM, a member of the boy group BTS, recently took an eyesight test in order to get a vision correction surgery.

On January 26th, BTS member RM uploaded a photo of his eyesight test result on his Instagram account.

According to the result of the eyesight test, RM’s eyesight was -7.50 on the left and -7.75 on the right. Astigmatism showed -2.50 for both eyes. RM’s target vision is 1.0 (1.2).


RM seems to have conducted a test on intraocular pressure, refraction, corneal thickness, pupil size, maximum cut, etc. in order to get a vision correction. 

The male idol then added the caption, “I’ll just live like this…”, showing the reaction that he would give up on vision correction surgery.

RM often wears glasses in daily life and even on broadcasts. Fans are also familiar with his appearance in specs on SNS sites, entertainment programs, and at public events.

Meanwhile, the vision correction surgery RM intended to try is a surgical treatment that corrects vision deterioration due to refractive errors. Based on the surgical method, there are LASIK and LASEK surgeries. In addition, intraocular lens implant is also known as an alternative treatment.

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Vision correction is classified as cosmetic surgery. The vision of those who take this surgery can be corrected to the extent that there is no inconvenience in daily life with the help of glasses and contact lenses. In addition, this kind of surgery is not about restoring one’s eyesight, but its purpose is to make people see clearly without using alternative tools, such as glasses. 

However, vision correction is recommended for adults over 19 years old due to the rate of side effects after undergoing vision correction surgery.

Source: wikitree

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