Park Min-young said she could never forgive if her boyfriend cheated 

Actress Park Min-young once again proved that she was the true”Romantic Comedy Queen.”

Park Min-young played Jin Ha-kyung, head of the Korea Meteorological Administration’s second general team, in the JTBC drama “Forecasting Love and Weather,” which ended on April 3rd.

In the drama, her character went through the brutality of finding a more mature love. Ha-kyung was passionate about her work and had good skills but was also clumsy. She became a better leader by creating real teamwork with the second team in general. At the same time, she suffered from the pain of love, but then she met Lee Si-woo (played by Song Kang) and completed each other by filling in each other’s gaps.

Park Minyoung
Park Min-young / Hook Entertainment provided © News 1

Park Min-young depicted a romantic chemistry with her professionalism, making full use of her charm. After making a hit with “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” she made another hit through “Forecasting Love and Weather.

Looking back on the past, Park Min-young said her path was “clear,” but there were days when she experienced “typhoons or deserts.” After going through such a time, she felt like a new spring had begun, when she felt passion and sincerity for acting again.

Park Minyoung
Park Min-young / Hook Entertainment provided © News 1

When asked in an interview, “Jin Ha-kyung said everything she wanted to say to Han Ki-jun (Yoon Park). How would you act if your longtime lover cheated on you?” 

“I couldn’t forgive him. I would turn him off. So I was really surprised and strange at her (the character) coolness. Am I an old-fashioned person? I thought so. I wanted to say the line, “That basta**!” and I wanted to see this scene.” Park Min-young answered.

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