A former idol opened up the indispensable items of idols when on stage, revealing the dark side of Kpop agencies

Indeed, the life of Kpop idols is not easy!

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Korea is a society that places a premium on physical attractiveness. As a result, Kpop stars are frequently required to adhere to a stringent diet in order to stay in shape and maintain an attractive physique. Tina (Christine Park), a member of the girl group Blady (disbanded in 2017), recently spoke about the Kpop entertainment industry’s hidden corners.

On her Youtube channel, the former idol shared the secrets behind idols’ standard, flawless looks. Tina claims that many female stars have resorted to plastic surgery to augment their breasts or fix other portions of their bodies in order to get the ultimate dream-like body. Some idols do not get plastic surgery, but they will have to use some items to make their bodies appear more attractive on stage.

Tina confided: “I’m sorry if I disillusioned you. We will use breast pads, butt implants or hip implants when performing on stage, this is mandatory. Breast pads make the breasts bigger, and hip pads are glued to the sides of the pants for the ideal hourglass figure.”

But what’s worse is that the constant abuse of these items takes a toll on Tina’s morale.  She shared that every time she returned home and took off all her underwear, she felt very disgusted with her body and gradually lost confidence in herself.

Tina continued, “Kpop is full of beautiful girls with attractive bodies. When you see them, you can’t help but judge yourself and compare yourself to them. This is also the reason why some idols become stressed, and their companies started to intervene by giving them substances called ‘body boosters’.”

Many female idols have shared their extreme diets when one day they only ate one egg, one sweet potato… to quickly achieve the most perfect body.  In this harsh idol industry, just having a little bit of fat is enough to become a topic of discussion all over the forums.

In order to be able to wear short dresses, it can be seen that female idols have had to make a lot of trade-offs.  The consequence of the abuse of the stickers is the difference between the idols’ appearance on stage and in real life, thereby sparking rumors related to plastic surgery.

After all, the ones who suffer the most and are most exhausted are still female idols.  The standard of a perfect idol in terms of talent, personality, and appearance is ingrained in the audience’s subconscious. And then when seeing a girl who doesn’t have those “beauty standards”, netizens immediately will criticize and bash that idol. Moreover, mental breakdown, unstable health, and a dense schedule have caused many idols to collapse on stage.

Although many idols, such as Hwasa and Jessi, are presently breaking preconceptions, it will likely be a long time until Kpop female idols can be comfortable and confident in their natural bodies without fear of judgment.

Source: K14

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