(G)I-DLE to release second full-length album “2” today (Jan 29th) amid controversy over sensationalism

(G)I-DLE will release their second full-length album “2” at 6 PM on Jan 29th. This marks their first full-length album in about 2 years since the release of their first full-length album “I NEVER DIE” in March 2022. Pre-orders have surpassed 1.8 million copies, setting a new record for the group.

“2” is an album that tells relatable stories in the unique style of the five members. Just as flipping the number “5” results in “2”, it conveys a hidden meaning. The members participated in the lyrics and composition for all tracks.


The title track “Super Lady” is a song dedicated to all super ladies in the world. It sings without reservation about each one’s beauty and strength. (G)I-DLE’s solid group identity is evident in their concept, which no one else can easily attempt. Following the “Queencard” syndrome from their previous album, they are setting a new trend.

The new album is gaining popularity, with pre-orders exceeding 1.8 million copies, but there has been controversy surrounding the pre-released song “Wife”, which was deemed unsuitable for broadcast due to its suggestive content.

Two days before the release, on Jan 27th, members Minnie and Yuqi had to suspend activities due to health issues, leading to the cancellation of the album release commemorative press conference scheduled for that day.

Source: Wikitree

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