Park Bo-young did something like this on her birthday while taking a break from work

Actress Park Bo-young participated in a good deed to mark her birthday.

 Park Bo-young

According to the international development cooperation NGO G Foundation (CEO Park Choong-kwan) on Feb 12th, Park Bo-young, who celebrated her birthday on this day, donated 50 million won to support female teenagers from low-income families in Korea.

The donation delivered by Park Bo-young will be used to support sanitary pads so that female teenagers suffering from a lack of sanitary pads can have a hygienic and safe menstrual period.

 Park Bo-young

Since her debut, Park Bo-young has consistently conveyed her meaningful feelings to children and adolescents from low-income families in Korea and abroad. In particular, she has been continuously showing positive influence, such as making donations for vulnerable groups and firefighters who are struggling due to the pandemic.

Park Bo-young, who met viewers last year through tvN’s “Doom at Your Service“, is reportedly taking a break and considering her next project.

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