“Is V your folding screen?”… Netizens rage at BTS’s V being forced to do the “cheer” pose with a politician

Fans poured out complaints after watching the video in which BTS’s V forcibly did the “three cheers” pose with his hand held by a politician.

BTS participated in the ‘2020 Busan World Expo’ ambassador appointment ceremony held in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on July 19th.


Jang Sung-min, who is in charge of hosting the Busan World Expo, appeared at the event as the presidential policy coordinator and sparked controversy over his action during the photo time after the appointment ceremony. When Prime Minister Han Deok-soo and officials from the Yoon Seok-yeol’s government were giving ambassador badges to each member of BTS, Jang Sung-min put a badge on V’s shirt. While returning to his seat, Jang Jung-min suddenly pulled the arms of V, who was standing in the back row, and made him raise his hand and pose in front of the camera.

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V, who was wearing a two-button jacket, looked restless when raising his arms high. Planning executive Jang, who enjoyed the moment by himself, put down V’s hand after patting V on his shoulder.  When the video recording this scene was released, netizens criticized Jang Sung-min, saying “He’s so rude”.

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Fans angrily commented, “He is using big stars to do a star cosplay”, “Politicians all consider celebrities as their folding screens”, “How could you beat idols’ wrists and pat them on the back for a 90-degree bow just because the regime changed? What kind of toy mannequin is this?”, etc.

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Planning executive Jang Sung-min began his career as a political secretary to former President Kim Dae-jung’s election committee in 1987 and was elected to the 16th National Assembly (Geumcheon-gu, Seoul) in 2000, but his election was nullified after a year and eight months after the secretary-general was convicted of violating the election law. He hosted the TV Chosun’s “Jang Sung-min’s Current Affairs Tank” for about four years from 2012 and joined the People Power Party in 2021.

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When Jang was an anchor, he received a warning from the KCC and disciplinary action against officials for false information that “600 North Korean special forces came down to Gwangju at the time of May 18th” in a 2013 broadcast of “Jang Sung-min’s Current Affairs Tank”

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