Park Bo Gum received fans’ flowers and letters for BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa

Famous actor Park Bo Gum was praised for his kind actor, having helped fans of BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa relay their presents for the idols.

Recently, famous actor Park Bo Gum, alongside BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa, took a private jet provided by Celine, to attend an event of this luxury brand in France. 

The moment the trio landed in Paris, fans lined up for miles outside the airport to give them hand-written letters and presents,  and all three lingered around to interact with fans. 

park bo gum v lisa

According to a fan at the scene, as Park Bo Gum greeted his fans, he noticed a Japanese fan of V who wanted to give flowers to the male idol. The actor then pointed the fan out for V, but V couldn’t see her, so Park Bo Gum took the flowers himself and relayed the gift to his friend. He also shaked hands with a lot of people at the airport, including the aforementioned fan.  

park bo gum v lisa

In addition, a Chinese fan of Lisa also received the help of Park Bo Gum. Apparently, Lisa already entered her car at the time, so Park Bo Gum approached the fan and asked if the letter she was holding was addressed to Lisa. After confirming that the letter had Lisa’s name written on it, Park Bo Gum agreed to take it and give it to Lisa afterwards. 

park bo gum v lisa

The fact that Park Bo Gum went out of his way to help those who are not his fans greatly surprised many people, and earned the actor numerous compliments. Fans at the scene also used words like “kind-hearted” and “dedicated” to describe the actor. 

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