[Pann] Lai Guan-lin is now being on V-app talking about everything in life

Fan: What would you do if you was bullied at school?

Lai Guan-lin: This is not a secret but I was bullied in the middle school. What to do when being bullied is really a good question. I will share my experience with you guys. Wait… honestly, I did not talk much when going to middle school because I did not have anything in common with my friends at school. I think it will be truer to say that I was once boycotted, not bullied .

I will share with you guys how I could get over that time. I thought my friends were teaching me something but in a violent way. That was a lesson about the law of the jungle. So if you experience the real social life, you will get used to it more easily.

You can quickly get accustomed to even in a new environment. I can not tell you anything in detail but you can also learn from good people as well as bad ones. Also, you should not imitate others’ behaviours. Besides I really want to thank those peoples and that is why I am laughing and talking at the same time.

I will not hate anyone even when they use violence with me. Instead, I will thank them because they teach me something. Later when I enter the society, I will not give up despite facing difficulties.

Sources: Pann


  • “Even when the contradiction between the victim and the bullying one is resolved, the victim may remain trapped in a frame for the rest of their life. He will see this as an experience and never easily forgive friends who have bullied them. This seems to show how mature and cautious Lai Guan-lin is.”
  • “There are more contents that need to be added. He is really mature even though he is just a 18-year-old boy.”
  • “I am happy to hear Guan-lin talk about his life in V-app today.”
  • “I want to make a collection of Lai Guan-lin’s famous sayings…”
  • “The three saints of the orient: Confucius Mencius and Guanja (Lai Guan-lin)”
  • “ I get a feeling that I have learned from the best boy in the world.”

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