“Our Blues” main cast actors reveal their feelings and say goodbye to the drama… “I’ll never forget this work. I was very happy”

The main character actors of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” delivered their final greetings to the viewers.

The production team of “Our Blues” expressed their thoughts ahead of the end of the drama with the final episode to air on June 12th. Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-ah, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, and Kim Woo-bin also left messages.

Our Blues

First of all, Lee Byung-hun, who played Lee Dong-seok, said, “This is a drama that contains the lives of many main characters. I enjoyed this work objectively as a great work rather than a drama I starred in.”

our blues

He continued, “I could feel the fun of watching the broadcast live”, adding “Thanks to the viewers who also consistently followed the drama until the end, I think ‘Our Blues’ will be remembered as an unforgettable work.”

Our Blues

Shin Min-ah, who played Min Sun-ah, confessed, “My heart ached a lot when I played Sun-ah. I tried to understand the pain and world that can only be felt from the perspective of a person suffering from depression.”

Shin Min Ah Our Blues

She also showed extraordinary affection for her character. Shin Min-ah sincerely said, “I wanted to emphasize more on Sun-ah’s willingness to overcome her pain. I also wanted to show my complete support to Sun-ah.”


Appearing in “Our Blues” as Choi Han-soo, Cha Seung-won said, “I’ve played many tough characters. However, Han-soo was an ordinary person so he had many worries. Now that the drama has ended, I’ve also gained a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

Our Blues-Lee Jung-eun-Cha Seung-won

Lee Jeong-eun, who took on the role of Jung Eun-hee, shared, “Through Eun-hee, I came to think about how to live harmoniously with my neighbors. I was so happy to be able to work with all the fellow actors and made this drama as a team.”

Our Blues

Han Ji-min, who played Lee Young-ok, added, “The time I lived in Pureung village was so happy. I felt warm thanks to everyone. Now I hope Young-ok can laugh and love as much as she wants in the safe arms of her family.”

our blues

Playing Park Jung-joon in the drama, Kim Woo-bin confessed, “While doing this amazing work with everyone, I was able to look back on myself. My heart felt so warm throughout the filming. I think this drama will remain in my heart deeply for a very long time.”

our blues

Other actors also expressed their gratitude. Kim Hye-ja, who appeared as Kang Ok-dong, said, “I couldn’t have finished my part without Lee Byung-hun. Thanks to the help from everyone, I successfully performed my character.”

our blues

Uhm Jung-hwa, who played Ko Mi-ran, also shared, “My dream was to act in a work written by Noh Hee-kyung so I was so happy to be able to do work with her through ‘Our Blues’. I really enjoyed performing Mi-ran.” Go Doo-sim, who played Hyun Chun-hee), greeted, “Thank you so much.”

our blues

“Our Blues” is a drama that shows support for the sweet and bitter life of people who are standing at the beginning, climax, or end of their lives. It is written by Noh Hee-kyung and directed by Kim Kyu-tae.

our blues

The final episode of “Our Blues” airs today (June 12th) at 9:10 p.m (KST).

Source: dispatch

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