The production team of “Our Blues” released a video you gotta watch before the last episode

With only two episodes left before the end of “Our Blues,” the team released a must-see video, drawing attention.

The production team of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” released a video, encouraging viewers to watch it before watching the last episodes.

On the YouTube channel “tvN drama” on Jun 8th, a video titled “※Must watch before the last episode※ What happened to  the mother Kim Hye-ja and her son Lee Byung-hun?  A compilation of what happened so far” has been uploaded.

Our Blues

The video contains all scenes of conflicts between Kang Ok-dong (Kim Hye-ja) and Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun), who are mother and son, which have been released so far. The production team summarized the story of the two, who have appeared briefly in the main broadcast, through this 18-minute video to help viewers understand their story before the last broadcast.

Our Blues

In the drama, Dong-seok hates his mother, Ok-dong, and often speaks rudely to her. Although what they experienced in the past did appear in the middle, it’s still hard for many viewers to figure out all of Dong-seok’s rude behavior.

Our Blues

According to what has been disclosed so far, when his father died, young Dong-seok failed to adapt within the new family as he could not understand his mother, who became the second wife of his deceased father’s friend,. 

Our Blues

He had a hard childhood being beaten by his half-brothers because he was the “child of a mistress,” and he hoped his mother, Ok-dong, would regret and be hurt when she saw her child miserable like this. Ok-dong pretended not to understand the heart of Dong-seok and even slapped her son several times.

Our Blues

The past that left both of them hurt has been revealed to that extent. In the 19th to 20th episodes of “Our Blues,” which will air on Jun 11th and 12th, their stories will be highlighted.

Our Blues

At the end of the latest episode, Ok-dong and Dong-seok went to Mokpo. In the 19th episode, Dong-seok will take this opportunity to pour out things he has been curious about and hurt about, such as why his mother hit him at that time. Expectations are rising for the last episodes to see how the reconciliation between Ok-dong, who is waiting for the end of her life as a terminal cancer patient, and her only son Dong-seok will be portrayed.

“Our Blues” will end with the last episode on Jun 12th.

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