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“Our Blues” Han Ji-min’s tearful story with Jung Eun-hye on “Yoo Quiz on the Block”

Those who have the talent everyone want to steal will appear on the upcoming episode of “Yoo Quiz on the Block.”

In the 160th episode of tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block (directed by Kim So-young, Lee Ki-yeon, written by Lee Eon-joo), which will air on July 6th, National Sport Stacking athlete Park Se-ryeong, Cho Jin-hyun, camera director Song Nak-hoon, Vietnamese national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo, and actress Han Ji-min will appear.

First, the viewers will have time to get to know Park Se-ryeong, a national athlete who became a world champion just by stacking cups. Having ranked third in the world and first in Korea with 12 cups, she honestly conveys her future dreams, including how she started Sports Stacking and how she continued training to reach the top with her hands faster than her eyes. Park Se-ryeong then showcased how she builds a building of cups and retrieved all of it in a blink of an eye, followed by a tense cup-building competition between the MCs, adding to expectations.

After Park Se-ryeong is the camera directors Cho Jin-hyun and Song Nak-hoon, who create legendary gifs of idols on music broadcasts by moving with all their might and  creating close-up shots. In order to convey the liveliness of the music program, they have to fully familiarize themselves with idol choreographies and movements a few days before the recording, and reveal their passion for this job as they have to walk around the stage with 5kg of equipment on the day of the broadcast. They then did some close-up shots for the two MCs “Dance God Dance King” moment, heating up the atmosphere.

Coach Park Hang-seo, who led Vietnamese football to the top and became a national hero, will visit “Yoo Quiz.” He, who was a senior coach during the legendary 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, introduced his soccer life, which is writing a new history after he was appointed as the head coach of the Vietnamese national soccer team in 2017 after a long period of ups and downs. Starting with the “Park Hang-seo Magic” training method in Vietnam, coach Park Hang-seo also shared the behind-the-scenes story of the 2002 World Cup’s first goal ceremony and his relationship with “Korea’s treasureSon Heung-min.

Actress Han Ji-min, who puts her heart into acting with a delicate and warm gaze, will draw attention with her colorful charm on “Yoo Quiz”. Talking about “Our Blues,” which is considered one of her representative dramas, Han shares her honest and clearly different aspects of actress and human Han Ji-min, as well as the story of her “twin sister” Jung Eun-hye and how she has been doing since the drama ended.

“Yoo Quiz on the Block” will air at 8:40 p.m. on July 6th.

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