Park Bom even thought about getting married, shed tears when talked about 2NE1’s reunion

After 2NE1 disbanded, Park Bom was bothered by what should she do in the future, and she had even considered getting married.

After “SPRING” was released, Park Bom became the center of attention because this is her first comeback after many years of disappearing. Answering an exclusive interview by Spot Interview, the 2NE1 ex-member shared about her life after she had signed the contract with a new agency, her way back to the music industry and her feeling for 2NE1.

The female singer shared her life after the legendary girl group disbanded in 2016. She lived a quiet life, even considered getting married.

Park Bom confessed: “I had lived a quiet life and think about it a lot. Should I continue this singing career? I have questioned myself so many times…I also thought ‘What if I continue my studying?’ or ‘What if I find a man and get married?’. But then I realized, singing is the only thing I could do so I decided to continue pursuing this career”.

Even though she had thought about continuing studying or getting married, she couldn’t say goodbye to her singing career.

Holding a big love for 2NE1, Park Bom mentioned about them the most in her stories. Talking about Dara’s part in “SPRING”, Park Bom confessed that “It was as if 2NE1 were singing together”. She couldn’t hold her tear after hearing that her fans thought “SPRING” was like a 2NE1 comeback to them, and she also said that she will be so happy if they can sing together. CL, Dara and Minzy’s performances are what motivated Park Bom to come back.

Park Bom continuously mentioned 2NE1 in the interview.

Facing the question “Will 2NE1 have a reunion in the future?”, Park Bom paused then shed her tears: “Of course I would want to say yes, but you know, they are all busy with their personal career. But I strongly believe that the reunion will happen”.

Park Bom couldn’t stop her tears.

Also in the same interview, Park Bom revealed that after the recording for “SPRING” was done, the first person she wanted to let them hear was Teddy – YG veteran producer. “He was the first one to listen to the track. He is the best producer and my best teacher. I sincerely wanted him to listen to the song”.

Park Bom alongside Teddy and Dara when she was still at YG Entertainment.

Currently, Park Bom is still promoting “SPRING”.

Park Bom’s interview video.

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