Once a skinny rookie singer, Kim Jong-kook now has a Hulk’s body due to his back disc injury?

The reason why Kim Jong-kook fell in love with bodybuilding is being looked back as he was suspected of using steroids by an overseas bodybuilder.   

On SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” in 2018, Kim Jong-kook has already revealed with his acquaintance the reason why he fell for going into the gym. “I had a broken leg when I was young, and I heard that might cause a difference in bone length,” he said. “I then exercised without any proper information. As a result, my back was bent and my back disc was injured. There was even a time that I sat on the bus chair until the last stop because of my disc,” he confessed. “The hospital I visited to treat my disc injury recommended going to the gym.”

Kim Jong-kook old pictures

Since then, Kim Jong-kook started feeling less pain in his back as he worked out. Kim Jong-kook said, “I need to cut back on going to the gym, but I’m habitually anxious,” adding, “Experts can say that I’m wrong. But what can I do when I feel like this?” he explained why he couldn’t let go of the gym habit.

Kim Jong-kook old pictures

In fact, Kim Jong-kook had proved that he had severe back pain due to scoliosis by posting his X-ray photo on Instagram. Kim Jong-kook said, “Some might wonder how can I build such a body with this waist? I made it. No, I’m making it. I just have to do something to my bent spine. Let’s at least have some fun doing what others believe I can’t do. That’s why,” he said in a head-on response to people who doubted him.

Kim Jong-kook old pictures

Kim Jong-kook was 178 centimeters tall and 60 kilograms in the early days of his group Turbo’s debut. Since then, he has gained a robust physique of 178 centimeters in height and 82 kilograms in weight through steady exercise and extensive diet control.

Kim Jong-kook is so sincere about his bodybuilding that he only knows his home and the fitness center. However, he has recently been embroiled in a controversy when an overseas bodybuilder accused him of using steroids, saying, “That body is impossible at the age of 46.”

Kim Jong-kook old pictures

Kim Jong-kook then countered by conducting 391 doping tests, and most netizens are rooting for him as they know his sincerity better than anyone else.


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