Not just famous in Korea and Japan, the number of audiences to “TWICELIGHTS” in the U.S is amazing!

4 gigs of TWICE in the U.S was joined by a total of 41.000 audiences, which is approximately 10.000 audiences/night.

TWICE is currently busy with their world tour “TWICELIGHTS” schedule. The girls have been to many big cities in the world to meet their fans. Through this world tour, fans are even more moved and admire the effort and professionalism of all 9 girls in bringing the best and most energetic stage to fans.

During the tour this time, TWICE has planned to visit many venues in the U.S. They have been through a total of 4 shows in this country. Anti-fans had even criticized JYP before for being too snobby by letting a group that is only popular in Korea and Japan like TWICE to have a concert in the U.S.

However, 4 fiery nights of TWICE in L.A, Mexico, Newark and Chicago has recorded a number of 41.000 audiences. This means each night has welcomed an average of 10.000 fans. This number is equal to that of BLACKPINK during their North America tour in the first half of 2019.

Many local news sources like The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and MTV have reported many articles relating to this event, showing their care and interest in TWICE’s first tour to the U.S.

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