“No work in 13 years” Won Bin, can we really call him an actor?

Actor Won Bin’s new CF is a hot topic again. Can we really call “CF star” Won Bin, who has not had any work for 13 years but has been steadily filming CFs, an actor?

Recently, a video of an advertising campaign for a skin care brand in which Won Bin participated as a model was released.

Won Bin (45) boasted an incredible visual in the CF, but the public’s reaction is mixed. This is because he does not have a new work even though he is an “actor”.

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Won Bin’s filmography has remained unchanged since the movie “The Man from Nowhere” (2010). It has been a 13-year hiatus.

However, news of filming CFs is often reported. As the period of hiatus exceeded double digits, Won Bin is drawing more and more attention every time he films an advertisement.

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Of course, he was once active as an actor, and it is his choice how to work after that, but in Won Bin’s case, many people say that he went too far.

Some may ask why the public only criticizes Won Bin when there are many stars with long hiatus. However, Won Bin’s case is different. In most cases, if the hiatus is more than double digits, they announce their retirement or do not appear in the entertainment industry at all.

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Won Bin is focusing only on CFs without retirement. It may also be his ability to be consistently selected as an advertising model, but it is likely to be interpreted as an intention to steadily increase income through CFs, which require less effort than works.

As an actor, the prudence in choosing a work is fully understandable. Since the hiatus is getting longer, it will be even more difficult to choose a comeback project. However, that prudence is bound to be the target of criticism. It is questionable why Won Bin’s generosity in choosing CFs does not apply to his selection of works.

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