“No abnormality in cancer test” Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum’s son is recovering from meningitis

Han Ah-reum shared the current status of her son, who is recovering.

On Sep 20th, former T-ara member Han Ah-reum wrote on her Instagram, “Jae-ha is recovering really well thanks to the acquaintances who worried about him and his own efforts.”

She added, “Now that he’s walking pretty well, and seeing that he wants to walk on his own… He got a lot of energy back^^ I’m very upset that he has to get general anesthesia in order to do CT and MRI scans… But when I think about it for the first time, I’m so thankful. The doctor said there’s nothing wrong with his blood transfer and cancer test^^ I think I’ll be able to spend the night comfortably. I’ll help him endure the rest of the treatment well.”

Han Ah-reum determined, “I’m doing really well! Thank you so much for worrying about me. Like my first post, if you’re in the same situation as me, please! I hope that you check your children’s sick symptoms and let them receive hospital treatment right away! I wish all children good health ㅠㅠ Health is the best! Jae-ha will also get well soon and come back healthily!”

Han Ah-reum previously revealed that her son was diagnosed with meningitis and she sent white blood cells to the cancer center. Accordingly, support for her son’s recovery is pouring out.

Meanwhile, Han Ah-reum joined T-ara in 2012, but withdrew from the group in 2013 due to health reasons.

Han Ah-reum got married in 2019 and has one son. She is currently pregnant with her second child. She recently made headlines by appearing on TVING’s original entertainment program “Between Marriage and Divorce“.

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