Han Ah-reum’s son was diagnosed with meningitis, “If your children have similar symptoms, take action immediately”

Han Ah-reum, a former member of T-ara, shared about her son’s recent battle with a deadly disease.

On September 16, Han Ah-reum posted on her SNS, “Our Jaeha went to the emergency room after having high fever for 4 days straight, and I thought it was a simple flu, but after he was admitted to the hospital, he still didn’t regain consciousness despite his temperature has gone down. As a result of several tests due to his strange symptoms, my son was diagnosed with ‘meningitis’.”

As for the reason for announcing this news via SNS, Ah-reum said, “I didn’t know that it was an illness with symptoms similar to the basic flu symptoms and posted this to warn other parents. When your children have symptoms like heavy coughing, fever of 38 degrees or higher, vomiting and severe watery eyes, go to the hospital as soon as possible, and act immediately. I send my best wishes to everyone’s children. Wíh they always have a good health”.

Specifically, “I am missing the meningococcal vaccination, so I recommend asking your hospital and getting the right one. Bacterial bacteria are really dangerous, so if you have meningococcal vaccination, you can still avoid it, so I want you to know and prevent it. I’ll look it up,” she explained.

In addition, Han Ah-reum said, “Seeing Jae-ha undergoing various tests, I cried a lot because I was so sad.”

She said, “Now that intensive care has begun, we have to do treatment for two to four weeks from now on. I hope this little kid stays well and goes back to healthy everyday life without any aftereffects, looking for a smile. Please pray for us so that we can be bright again! Thank you for reading this long article. And I sincerely hope that the parents who are standing by the sick children will cheer up.”

Source: nate

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