NMIXX’s Lily reveals JYP’s monthly evaluations of trainees include attitude score

Even the attitude of JYP trainees was graded, according to Lily.  

Recently, NMIXX’s main vocalist Lily made a guest appearance on the YouTube show “Lee Mu Jin Service”. She promoted NMIXX’s latest title track “DICE” and showed off her incredible singing voice through various hit songs such as BTS’s “Butter”, Red Velvet’s “Psycho”, and more. 

lily nmixx

Between Lily’s performances, Lee Mu Jin mentioned how popular Lily was when she was a trainee at JYP Entertainment. He asked, “You were a trainee in JYP for a long time, right? I heard everyone knows you because you’re famous for having good skills. Do you always get high scores in JYP’s monthly evaluations?”.

Lily humbly responded, “Actually, only JYP’s trainees know me. Also, I didn’t always get high scores. But the company’s monthly evaluation also includes attitude scores. So when adding it up, the results got better.”


Lee Mu Jin was curious about the grading criteria, “How do they calculate the attitude score? Like how many degrees do you have to bend when greeting?” and Lily said, “Yes, it’s like that. The company monitors if trainees greet others respectfully, or if they are focused during lessons.”

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