BamBam’s popularity with 16.7 million Instagram followers and 10.9 Twitter followers shocks everyone

The number of BamBam’s SNS followers surprised the cast of “Literacy Talks”.

SBS’s program “Literacy Talks”, which aired on August 30th, held talks about the MZ Generation.

On the broadcast, Lee Chan-won asked BamBam, BamBam, you came here as a representative foreign idol of the MZ Generation, so you must have a lot of SNS followers”.

BamBam said, “First of all, the number of my Instagram followers is about 16.7 million”. Surprised by this, Lee Chan-won said, “That’s 100 times more than mine”. BamBam then added, “I have 10.9 million followers on Twitter and 1.47 subscribers on Youtube”. Lee Chan-won exclaimed, “Then you must have received the Gold Play Button?”.

Lee Chan-won then asked, “With such huge numbers of subscribers and followers, you must always think of many different contents to release, right?”.

In response, BamBam explained, “People like watching Shorts and Reels. They don’t watch long videos. That’s why I have to say all the content within 1 minute”.

Source: wikitree

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